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Inspiring Golf In A Pristine Natural Setting

Mill Creek Golf Club's spectacular par-71, 6,420-yard championship layout was designed by golf course architect Roy Case in the old style, leaving the terrain completely natural. Majestic stands of trees frame gently rolling fairways and manicured, undulating greens, with numerous water features and an abundance of wildflowers adding to the beauty of the course. Adding to the allure of the layout, elevated tees afford spectacular panoramic views of the Fox Valley. Multiple tees on each hole enable golfers of all ages and abilities to enjoy this outstanding must-play golf gem.

Complementing the 18-hole golf course is Little Big Creek, a well-maintained 9-hole course featuring holes ranging from 45 to 75 yards - a perfect locale for new golfers and young players to learn the game, as well as a terrific setting for more accomplished golfers to warm up before their round.

To book a tee time, learn about golf instructional programs, or inquire about hosting a golf tournament or other special event at Mill Creek, please call (630) 208-7272.


Our 18 Hole Course


The course starts off with a relatively short opening hole only 354 yards from the Black tees. Finding the fairway is quite simple; however, the second shot can be challenging. No matter what clubs they use, golfers will need to stay below the hole with the approach shot. Players will want to avoid a three-putt from above the hole.

Black 354
Blue 329
White 305
Green 272
Handicap 9
Par 4

Take enough club on this simple Par-3, where the green slopes frequently. If the shot hits the green in regulation, a simple two-putt with guarantee par. This is a good place to help correct a high score on the opening hole.

Black 227
Blue 162
White 146
Green 88
Handicap 17
Par 3

Hole no. 3 is a challenging par-4 that is much tighter than the eye can see from the back tees. An elevated green is best accessed from the right side of the generous fairway. Golfers must beware of not taking enough club on the approach shot. Any ball that comes up 10-15 yards short of the green will take a hard bounce left, and golfers will be left with a very difficult chip.

Black 391
Blue 350
White 307
Green 229
Handicap 7
Par 4

With just 285 yards to the water from the black tee, golfers should not chance reaching the green in two. Laying up with a comfortable club and approaching the green from 125 yards is a much safer bet for the majority of players, as any second shot missed left and short of the green is sure to find danger. Playing smart with percentage golf might help golfers make a birdie here.

Black 550
Blue 536
White 501
Green 456
Handicap 1
Par 5

If your driver has failed you early on in your round, take a 3 wood or hybrid and just get it in play. A short, but tight, par 4 that places extreme importance on an accurate tee shot. With out of bounds to the left and a grove of trees on the right. A precise second shot to a two-tiered green will bolster your chances at making par or birdie. Again below the hole is critical on this very short par 4.

Black 331
Blue 319
White 292
Green 257
Handicap 5
Par 4

Any club from a 5 iron to a pitching wedge can be used on no. 6, where the tee shot must carry the wild grass and marsh that awaits below. But that’s only half the battle; a large mound sits atop and right in the center of this large green. The shot must carry that mound to funnel down to the center of the green. A three-putt here is quite possible if golfers aren't careful.

Black 169
Blue 135
White 114
Green 75
Handicap 13
Par 3

This hole is a straightway par 4 that measures 411 yards from the black tees. Three successive bunkers guard the right side of the fairway. Keep your tee shot to the left of those traps to avoid trouble. The tri-leveled green is very narrow and provides a multitude of interesting pin placements. Make sure your approach to the green is a little short rather than long. But be careful of the grass bunker in front of the green. You could be swinging more than once if you’re in there. Mill Creek Golf Club was farmland prior to its development. An old silo stands on the left preserving a testament to the area’s past.

Black 411
Blue 337
White 311
Green 258
Handicap 11
Par 4

Featuring a blind tee shot from the black tees, this hole can be tough if golfers are playing into the wind. The green slopes from back to front, so players don't want to be long. It will be much easier making par if the approach is short of the green.

Black 155
Blue 140
White 118
Green 93
Handicap 15
Par 3

It will take a pair of outstanding shots to get home in two on this intriguing par-5. An average drive will make this a true three-shot hole. A precise lay-up shot is essential to set up the approach into the green. Golfers must be wary of the lake that guards the front left side, inside of 125 yards. The front nine score will quickly go up if golfers miss the green short left. Golfers attempting to reach the green in two must carry the approach over the large tree at the top of the second hill. Clubhouse stops will need to be five minutes or less in order to keep up with the pace of play.

Black 508
Blue 496
White 480
Green 434
Handicap 3
Par 5

The shortest par-4 on the course, no. 10 is best approached with an iron off the tee. A birdie is very achievable here, but to do so, golfers cannot be long with the pitch shot to the green.

Black 310
Blue 263
White 230
Green 198
Handicap 18
Par 4

This tricky par-5 features the most breathtaking view of Mill Creek from the tee box. A huge fairway is wide open for any tee shot. The second shot should be judged carefully, as going for the green in two will take some extra club. The uphill shot will not get much roll. Golfers must be sure to avoid the hidden bunkers on the left and right side in front of the green.

Black 569
Blue 526
White 475
Green 440
Handicap 2
Par 5

The #1 handicap hole at Mill Creek Golf Club and a challenging tee shot for shorter hitters from the black tees, no. 12 is tough; golfers should be happy with a bogey or less here. Golfers should try to hit their shot slightly to the right rather than the left; however, even after finding the fairway, golfers still might have 200 yards to the middle of the green. The green is only 27 yards long, so golfers will need to be careful not to be long. A shorter shot will give golfers the best chance to save par.

Black 434
Blue 391
White 326
Green 265
Handicap 8
Par 4

Number 13 is one of the most unique par-3’s on the course. Golfers who miss the green with their tee shots will be faced with a variety of choices; bump and runs, chip shots, and even a putter can be used. Six different runoff areas surround this green. Par is a great score, but golfers will be content with a bogey.

Black 168
Blue 153
White 111
Green 91
Handicap 14
Par 3

Golfers must be sure to hit this fairway and green in regulation, as a large bowl in the middle of the green will collect any approach not hit accurately. Golfers who find themselves on the opposite side of the green from the cup may want to consider visiting the beverage cart and heading on to no. 15.

Black 380
Blue 361
White 309
Green 282
Handicap 12
Par 4

This hole can be tough, requiring a carry 286 yards uphill. Out of bounds to the left and a marsh grassy area 50 yards from the green to the right add additional difficulty, requiring that approach shots be hit to the front or center of the green. Two large mounds on this green can make a putt change direction in a hurry. Golfers should be happy to take a quiet par and get ready for no. 16.

Black 352
Blue 322
White 307
Green 271
Handicap 10
Par 4

Golfers may want to pull out their drivers here if the wind is blowing out of the south. Number 16 is a long, tough par-3 that measures 214 yards from the tips. The tee shot is all carry over a pond, with a bail-out area on the right. Any tee shot that is found on the green is an excellent shot.

Black 214
Blue 178
White 168
Green 105
Handicap 16
Par 3

It will take a 300-yard drive from the black tees to reach the rocks that stick out into the fairway from the right. Most players who try reaching this short par-5 in two bail out to the right side of the green. A small pond sits waiting for missed approaches short left of the green. If the pin is on the front of the green, golfers may be better off going a little long with their shots to the green. An uphill two-putt would be much easier here than a shot that hits short of the green. Short of the green is reminiscent of the no. 12 hole at Augusta.

Black 482
Blue 451
White 405
Green 370
Handicap 4
Par 5

This outstanding finishing hole will thrill golfers of all levels. A good tee shot is a must on this 415-yard par-4, featuring a large pond sitting between the tee box and the fairway. The pond runs up the right side of the fairway to a point about 250 yards from the black tee box. A long iron may be needed to reach the large two-tiered green. A par on no. 18 is a wonderful way to wrap up the day at Mill Creek Golf Club.

Black 415
Blue 397
White 341
Green 260
Handicap 6
Par 4